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What is Staging?

  • Staging is the presentation of household objects, which enhances and stimulates a successful environment.

  • A Stager is someone capable of great artistic talent. There is an innate desire to organize and make better. Placement and balance is essential. Like in life, a natural flow to all that is around you creates an ease and desire to participate and be happy.

  • Staging is a great service for many reasons and provides results for different needs.

Who benefits from Staging?

  • who want to sell a home.
  • who need a quicker sale on the home that is not selling.
  • who want to sell a home and need help with organizing.
  • who inherit a home and do not have the time to organize and ready the place for sale.

  • Have a professional who has the time and the eye to meet the challenge and de-stress your clients, so they don’t have to be burden by the process.
  • Save time and gets the home ready quickly.

How Staging Works

Each situation and home has different needs.
Once an understanding of the situation has been determined these will be some of goals: